At a Nubian Wedding

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At a Nubian Wedding

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I do very important work besides blogging. This work is on volunteer basis. I do it because I want to, I love it, it’s my life line and without it I would have no purpose or direction in my life. This very important work takes me round about town every weekend. Its the work of saving lives.

On this weekend it took me to Kibera. Other than being a slum, I feel Kibera has very beautiful souls living there. I downloadwas with my friend Stella- she also does this very important work:)) As we were walking about Kibera we noticed this colorfully dressed women as we approached the big mosque. So apparently we had stumbled on a Nubian wedding procession! I was thrilled! I told you I love people and culture and this right here was something I had never seen before. Good thing is we were heading the same direction as the wedding procession.

images (4)I couldn’t help but take photos. I loved their outfits. My friend Stella being the brave one between the two of us approached the bride when we got to the gate leading into the mosque. She had been taken aside to be ‘hidden’ before the groom arrived. We asked (well Stella asked) whether we could take a photo, she agreed as long as her photo wasn’t to be shared on any social media site. So as much as I would love to show you guys how a Nubian bride looks like, she sweetly threatened me that she would track me down if I put up her photo anywhere.

After a nice chat with her, we stopped (okay Stella stopped) another Nubian lady and we asked her to explain her outfit to us. She was kind enough to show us how it is tied and directed us to a Nubian fundi who can make for us a similar outfit if we are ever interested. Since we were headed to the house of one of the people whom we do the important work for, Stella informed me that that friend is Nubian as well. So we showed her the photos we had taken and what do you know, she knows all our models, bride included. She even went ahead to show us her wedding outfits. We were beyond thrilled!


Photos courtesy of google.

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  1. Dear you are so good at this…so’ll have to show me the bride’s photo..this does not end here…I want details!!!and keep writing am loving it so much…

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