# I am Dark and Proud

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# I am Dark and Proud

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I write this in response to an article that appeared on Standard Newspaper- Crazy Monday- a while back Amos Ruturi wrote an article with the title “The gods hate dark skin so much that they are slowly phasing it out.”

In this article he justifiably argued that what sells nowadays is light skin and curves. That’s the reason why many dark skinned ladies would run to skin lightening creams to look the part. What caught my dark eyes’ attention though were these words….
Dark skin has been relegated to the dustbins of history after being demonised, so much so that ninety-nine point nine per cent of the dark-skinned damsels strutting the streets, paths and pavements in Kenya are ashamed of themselves — their status, background, education, intellect, beauty or wealth, notwithstanding.”
I for one happen to be dark skinned and I am very proud of it. You should meet me. I have a number of friends who are even darker than me and they look gorgeous. I am yet to meet these dark skinned damsels who are ashamed of themselves.

I know a number of dark skinned people who have bleached themselves. Many times they hope that by being light they will accomplish something. Sadly on many occasions this something almost always turns out to be catching the eye of some guy. I presume that since some men are only attracted to light skinned women it has left the dark skinned damsels with no choice but to act the part and look light. I don’t even know how genuine such a relationship would be since the moment your stockist runs out of the skin lightening concoctions and your bae sees your true colours (pun intended) what happens then? I am not sure whether this falls into the category of being ‘ashamed of themselves’.

I do not in any way support the shallow minds that judge people by how they look and the colour of their skin. I read somewhere that “Any black man that believes skin color is linked to attractiveness, probably has a low IQ anyway.”
“Light skin and curvy bodies is now the new game in town” is just a fad. Soon a new game will emerge.
What I am trying to say Mr. Ruturi is that I am not ashamed at all of being me. I am sure there are many dark skinned damsels out there who share my sentiments. So what if the media companies only look for light skinned ladies to anchor news as you claim. Let them, it’s their business, they can set their rules and run it the way they see fit.
“They (gods and merchants) conspired and embarked on an intense campaign to portray dark-skinned beauties as lesser beings and/or creatures from a gone era and past error! And thus the dark-skinned damsel had a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the onslaught.”
Before you get it twisted; dark skinned beauties have survived and we will survive. Ever heard of AleK Wek? How about Lupita Nyongo? Akosua Busia? How about me? My sisters? My Mum?

I am dark I am proud I am not ashamed. I am happy that God made me dark. He did not make a mistake He made me just perfect and I love it!


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