I finally did it

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I finally did it

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So i  finally organised my closet!! Yay! Its  a nice feeling  when everything you own is in place. Its rightful place. Happy happy joy joy.Double yay!

 You are probably wondering which sane woman owns, sorry, owned this closet. As you can see everything is everywhere. Vacuum brush, empty bottles, loose change, used paper bags, etc.

 This is how untidy my closet has been since the year 1832 :)) Clothes were heaped in whatever closet space was available.

Doesn’t it feel good to be organised? Who would have thought?!

T-shirts,jeans, skirts, tops and sweaters neatly folded and kept in their respective closet space.

Empty bottles and paper bags trashed.

Unused jackets and coats removed from the hangers creating more space.

 I improvised the hangers to be hand bag holders and i love it love it!

Would you like to try work on your closet?

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