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Dress & Grooming Training

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How do you dress for the office?

How do you (men) tell a proper suit fit?

Did you(women) know that your body shape determines what clothes (read suits) you wear?

How high should your office heel be?

All these questions were answered during a recent training on dress and grooming. We learnt a lot and had lots of fun.

Have a look see.





One way to tell if the jacket fits is that the collar of the jacket should hug the back of the neck revealing about a half an inch of your shirt collar. Should the shirt be hidden or fabric gather just below the suit collar then the jacket is oversize and should be fixed. On the other hand, should more than a half inch of the shirt collar be revealed then the jacket is too small.


The shoulder of the jacket should lie flat along your shoulder. The seam that joins the sleeve to your jacket should rest at the natural edge of your shoulder.


The hem of your pants should rest  at the front of your shoe with a slight break or crease at the front. If lots of fabric gather around your shoe giving several breaks, have the length reduced by your fundi or try a smaller pant size. If the hem completely shies away from your shoe giving you the ‘don’t touch my shoes/achwiti’ look, get a larger size.



For the ladies your body shape determines what will look good on you. Since you are able to know what flatters your shape and what hides your flaws.

Do you know your body shape?


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