Organizing My Closet

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Organizing My Closet

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So I have been planning to organize my closet for the longest time ever. I have attempted to do it before but I still feel I can do much more.

Whenever I sort my clothes out, I actually get so ambitious that I discard items that are in good condition and fit me well but I just haven’t worn them for a long time for no apparent reason.

My younger sister loves visiting me especially because she knows she will leave with a bag full of decent clothes. She told me she never worries about buying clothes anymore since she discovered my closet cleaning. To be honest sometimes I see an item on her and want to ask it back since it still looks so nice. She even spread the rumour to my other sisters and they all ask where my giveaway clothes are when they come visiting.

So I have decided to do a reasonable closet cleaning. I will only give out clothes which are either not my type, color or size. I will also work on hubby’s clothes. He is one who gets really attached to his faded jeans, baggy t-shirts, worn out pajamas etc. I know how to handle this. Someone let me in on a secret that instead of telling or requesting him to discard an item, I should just make it ‘disappear’(mu hahahah) .I am very excited to try this since I spend hours on end trying to make him sorry i mean encourage him to discard an item whereas he feels the item is still too comfortable to wear and therefore should stay.

I will put photos up of my actual closet cleaning soon hoping to inspire someone.

Don’t forget to dress right!!

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