Stocking, Tights and Leggings, Pantyhose which is which?

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Stocking, Tights and Leggings, Pantyhose which is which?

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The cold season is threatening and the ladies in Nairobi are putting up a fight by arming themselves with cold fighting gear namely hosiery. Hosiery is however not only designed to be worn during cold season but they are an accessory as well.

Hosiery serve a number of purposes including making the legs look attractive, hiding any imperfections like stretch marks /scars, reduce visible panty line and ease chaffing between the thighs.
Many, if not all of us Kenyan ladies call whatever we wear on our legs as stockings. Whether they are opaque, sheer, thick, reach up to our waist or reach up to our thighs…we label all of them as stockings. Si you know us Kenyans, us we have our own English. Haiya! You you didn’t know? Imagine we do.
So for purposes of this discussion I will refer to hosiery as stockings in some instances though in real sense it’s not so that we are on the same page. Kapish?

So stockings are made of different kinds of material. From light sheer to opaque material and some are meant to be worn as an undergarment while others are worn as fashion statements. Some are also made of relatively heavier material.They come in different colours or in the same colour as one’s skin tone.
When purchasing hosiery just remember that the higher the denier (unit of density measurement) in hosiery the more opaque it will be. The lower the denier the finer the yarn, the more sheer the hosiery.

Normally made from translucent or sheer fabric. Usually cover the leg from the foot to the knee or to the thigh.

Tights/ Pantyhose
Cover the leg from the foot to the waist. Also called pantyhose in USA, tights in UK and Stockings in Kenya (as I mentioned above).
May be sheer or opaque.

Tights are made of thicker heavier material as compared to stockings. They may be opaque.They are however not structured to be worn by themselves but are worn as an undergarment.

They reach the waist but do not cover the foot. Most are ankle length or may be shorter. Also known as tights in Kenya.
May be worn as sports gear or as a fashion statement.

These are leggings that are made to look like skin tight jeans. They come in different colours.

My issue is substituting one for the other. Tights for leggings and vice versa.
I have seen ladies wearing sheer tights, with a fitting top. They strut along feeling all so hot and fashionable with the latest bag clutched under their armpit, and beautiful ankle boots to complement the look. As they sway and swing their tiny hips (some have big hips but most of them have the tiny hips) the bag happens to pull up the top as they swing along revealing white/pink/red cotton underwear. It’s always pink, red or white. I wonder what they have against wearing underwear in a less conspicuous colour. That sight is not pleasant.
It’s better to wear the leggings with this look. That way the thick material conceals what lies underneath.
There are the rest of us who have actually grasped the right concept of stockings and tights but only problem is that we wear our hosiery over and for how long. I have seen beauties with tights that run from below the butt cheek all the way to the back of the leg. Some have runs from here to Timbuktu but we convince ourselves that no one will notice.
Well for your information we always do notice.


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    1. Mama Dahlia, you know…..they should be totally banned and everyone in running stockings stopped by the cops and kanju and fined 500 bob.

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