The Lipstick Experiment

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The Lipstick Experiment

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My friend Grace always insists that I can be a brand ambassador. What brand you may ask? For dark skinned girls. I think the position has already been filled up since the world is now full of dark chocolate (I love this word) women who are in the limelight.

When you are dark chocolate (ti hihi) like myself and you walk into a cosmetic shop here in Nairobi, you feel there isn’t much variety to choose from. I stand to be corrected. Or where there is variety there is no guidance on what would be suitable for your complexion. I would love to wear some colour on my lips. Sometimes I wear an outfit and feel that some lip colour would crown it all nicely. I have tried to visualize which colours would suit me and I have ended up with a collection of lip stick that look so perfectly horrible on me.

I know I would look good in a shade of plum or maroon I just don’t know which exact shade. I once walked into one of the beauty shops in town and asked the lady attendant which colour she could recommend. She looked lost for a moment then she suggested that I avoid bright red lipstick since it would be too bold for me. How I wish she could have told me which one to buy.
I wanted to try on different shades from the testers on display but she had her hawk eye on me as she quietly chewed on a piece of gum with tiny movements of her jaw as if it was a secret. I attempted to apply the first shade but all this scrutiny made me so uncomfortable that I opted to leave.
This other time I saw a Suzy Beauty (SB) display at the cosmetic shop. I remembered having read somewhere that SB products are designed for the African skin. Armed with my excitement I approached the lady attendant and as usual asked for advice in picking the correct shade of lip colour. She helped me pick alright but I didn’t like it. I have never worn it either. It’s a beautiful shade of brown which I am pretty sure would look perfectly fine on someone else’s complexion but not this one of mine.
Another friend of mine whose complexion is darker than mine was wearing hot pink lipstick the other day and she looked fabulous. She offered to buy me the same shade for me to try on. I looked hilariously ridiculous.
So I did some research which I am yet to practically execute. Maybe we could do this together.
First you need to figure out your skin tone. Is it warm or cool? Remember I took you through the colours that are complemented by different skin tones? So for a cool skin tone like me we go for bold or crystal clear colours nothing muted or washed out.

So get into your favorite cosmetic store, check out the lipsticks on display and pick different colors, not all of them otherwise they will kick you out 🙂 just the testers, from warm to cool, for instance nudes to pinks to reds to maroons to purples.

Shades of lipstick

Now try on the colours that match your skin tones. Try on red and if it doesn’t look right, try the next shade in line (as per your arrangement) let’s say its plum red, then burgundy, then maroon till you find one that suits you. Remember to carry a piece of cloth or some cotton wool with some baby oil or coconut oil to wipe your lips clean as you try.
Does this sound like something we can do? Okay let’s go ahead and try.

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